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The Internet is such an amazing place to meet like minded individuals, unfortunately it is also full of MORONS!  Below are smart people that in my opinion will improve your I.Q.  Oh and err Fuck the Crowd, gently.

Screenwriting links:


The Black List


Wordpeggio article on How to structure a one-hour drama

Flyingwrestler article The Idea is Everything by Erik Bork

The Five Most Common Mistakes In Pitching by Joey Tuccio

Five Ways to Impress A Literary Assistant

Cracking the Sitcom Code

The Comedy Crowd

Other stuff:

Black Rivers


SelectUK Radio

Gregory Crewdson


Richard Dawkins Foundation


The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator (THIS IS GREAT!)


 Dada Poem Generator

Deal Done Pro is an awesome site for advice with forums and if you pay $30; Agent and Manager lists.

The Black List is where filmmakers find great material.  You have to pay to list but can be worth it.

Great Sitcom writing advice with a UK Focus.

Seriously good advice on fitting Save the Cat into a one hour drama.

Article by Erik Bork on his site.

Five Most Common…

Five Ways to…

Cracking the Sitcom Code.  Article on creating US style sitcoms; the Teaser, Acts 1-3 and the Kicker!

UK Group for meeting comedy types of all sorts.  Articles are good and have solid advice.